Głazy narzutowe z okolic Przedborza jako obiekty geodziedzictwa oraz ich znaczenie dla geologii czwartorzędu i geoturystyki

Maria Górska-Zabielska, Dariusz Wieczorek, Ryszard Zabielski, Andrzej Stoiński


Erratic boulders from the Przedbórz Region as objects important for Quaternary geology and geoheritage.
A b s t r a c t. The Przedbórz region in the Przedborska Upland (central Poland) is characterized by an above- -average presence of erratic boulders. They have never been the subject of separate studies before. The aim of this article is to indicate their large population in central Poland and to characterize the traces of the impact of various morphogenetic processes on their current size and shape. The authors indicate the Scandinavian source areas of some of the studied erratic boulders. The article also highlights the scientific, educational, social and aesthetic function of erratic boulders, which should be used when planning the sustainable development of the region. In peripheral tourist areas, geotourism is an effective tool for economic growth. The erratic boulders discussed in the article, which are unique objects of natural heritage, have great potential to revive this branch of nature tourism.

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