DZIEDZICTWO GEOLOGICZNE Walory geoedukacyjne i geoturystyczne kamieniołomu Zygmuntówka na Czerwonej Górze (Góry Świętokrzyskie)

Karol Jewuła, Anna Fijałkowska- -Mader, Sylwester Salwa


Geoeducational and geotourist value of the Zygmuntówka (Sigismund) quarry at Czerwona Góra (Holy Cross Mountains).
A b s t r a c t. The geosite Zygmuntówka (Sigismund ) quarry, located at Czerwona Góra near Chęciny in SW part of the Holy Cross Mountains, is the oldest and the most famous among the so-called Chęciny “marble” quarries which provided stones for constructing numerous important buildings in the region and beyond. Upper Permian conglomerates (Czerwona Góra Formation), with a thickness of several tens of metres, outcrop in this area. The conglomerates are clast- and locally mud-supported and consist of light grey and beige carbonate pebbles and cobbles chaotically distributed within the reddish-brown silty-carbonate-ferriferous matrix. The conglomerates represent continental alluvial fan deposits deposited under arid and semiarid climate conditions. The quarry, of a regional rank, is well suited for both geoeducation and geotourism purposes.

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