Zmienność parametrów fizykochemicznych torfów w strefie przypowierzchniowej torfowiska w dolinie Strugi Wodnej (Wysoczyzna Lubartowska)

Paweł Rydelek


Variability of physicochemical parameters of peats in the subsurface zone of the fen in the Struga Wodna valley (Lubartów Plateau).
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents the results of research on variability of basic physical and chemical parameters of peats from a small fen in the Struga Wodna valley on the Lubartów Plateau. The variability of organic matter content, moisture content, pH and cation exchange capacity (CEC) was analysed. Apart from descriptive statistics, geostatistical methods were also used, including the analysis of semivariograms. All determined parameters showed high variability, including spatial variability. The analysis of the semivariograms showed that for each of the parameters there is a nugget effect, indicating high local variability. The statistically highest variability, expressed by the coefficient of variation, was shown by peat moisture content,while the moisture content showed the highest spatial autocorrelation. The use of geostatistical methods allowed identifying zones with different properties within the fen, and describing the spatial autocorrelation of individual parameters.

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