Dokumentowanie geologiczno-inżynierskie osuwisk na terenie fliszu karpackiego

Jarosław Kos, Antoni Wójcik


Geological and engineering documentation of landslides in the Carpathian flysch.
A b s t r a c t. When conducting geological surveys in landslide areas, it is important to define the scope of the planned geological works. The most important issue in the study of landslides is the recognition of the depth and shape of the slip surface. This requires the correct type of drilling and a good core quality. Most often, within a single landslide, several slip surfaces are documented, which occur at different depths, which is associated with a complex manner of motion and shear. Proper determination of the deepest sliding surfaces allows for the construction of a calculation model and selection of the optimal method of securing the landslide area. The course of the slip surface is often not determined by the depth of the bedrock under the cover formations. Geological diagnosis should depend on the size of the examined landslide and the impact of its activation on potential damage / destruction of existing buildings and technical infrastructure. The method of documenting and carrying out calculations is presented as recommended in landslide areas. In the first step, calculations should be made on the basis of data obtained from field work and parameters obtained from laboratory tests. Monitoring should complement field research and assess the scale of displacements. Conducting stability calculations should be a standard for the preparation of geological and engineering documentation of landslides and areas at risk of mass movements. It allows you to assess the risk and threats to the planned investment or protective structure. This is to provide permanent safeguards to prevent damage to buildings that have been designed on the basis of uncertain geological data. It is postulated to modify the ordinance on the implementation of geological and engineering documentation by adding a point concerning the documentation of landslides. If there is such an area, special requirements must be met when conducting geological surveys.

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