Dane geośrodowiskowe – zakres i udostępnianie zgromadzonej informacji

Barbara Palacz, Olimpia Kozłowska, Anna Pasieczna, Agnieszka Konon


Geoenvironmental databases – the scope of data and sharing collected information.
A b s t r a c t. The Geoenvironmental Map of Poland is dedicated to the most important issues related to the effective management of mineral resources, in the context of both already documented deposits and the perspective base for individual minerals. The information collected on the map is presented in the context of environmental conditions that may significantly affect the possibility of exploitation minerals. The three editions of the Geoenvironmental Map of Poland cover a total of 3,255 sheets A and 2,170 sheets B, available in analogue and digital form, using web services and tools. Free and easy access, as well as a wide cross- -section of data, makes the Geoenvironmental Map of Poland can realistically support the activities of geological administration at the poviat and voivodship levels.

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