Prawne przesłanki podejmowania robót geologicznych oraz dokumentowania ich wyników

Aleksander Lipiński


Legal premises for undertaking geological works and reporting their results.
A b s t r a c t. Within the meaning of the Geological and Mining Act, geological operation is the performance, as part of geological activity, of any actions below the surface, including the use of blasting agents, as well as the liquidation of excavations after these operations. Depending on the details, especially concerning the purpose and method of carrying out these operations, they require a license or approval of their project. However, a geological operation project sometimes requires only a notification to the competent geological authority, without the need of its approval. There are also such geological operations that are not subject to the requirements of the Geological and Mining Act at all (e.g. some shallow well drillings). The results of geological activities, along with their interpretation, are subject to presentation in the geological report. In principle, it requires approval by the competent geological authority. The condition for such a decision is the compliance of the geological report with the law.

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