Odporność na polerowanie kruszyw uzyskanych ze skał magmowych i metamorficznych do nawierzchni drogowych

Andrzej Duszyński, Wiktor Jasiński, Aneta Pryga-Szulc


Resistance to polishing of road surface aggregates obtained from igneous and metamorphic rocks.
A b s t r a c t. The paper deals with aggregates produced from igneous and metamorphic rocks to indicate their specificity related to the possibility of using as high-value aggregates for road construction, taking into account the skid resistance. The skid resistance of the road surface is a result of its microtexture and macrotexture. Among the aggregate characteristics that can be measured in the laboratory is the polishing resistance of PSV, which can be related to the microtexture. The current regulations on skid resistance define the required PSV values of aggregates and aggregate mixtures for asphalt and cement pavements. Aggregates made of igneous and metamorphic rocks are characterized by high compressive strength and are the basic aggregates for road surfaces. Attention was paid to the influence of petrographic features related to the type and structure of the rock, as well as the degree of crystallization of components, size and proportion of rock-forming components. This is illustrated by exemplary igneous and metamorphic rocks. Research on the PSV polishing resistance of aggregates from igneous and metamorphic rocks was carried out at the Road and Bridge Research Institute – Branch Wrocław (IBDiM).

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