Nowa metodyka wyznaczania surowców kluczowych, strategicznych i krytycznych dla polskiej gospodarki

Krzysztof Galos, Ewa Lewicka, Anna Burkowicz, Katarzyna Guzik, Jarosław Kamyk, Alicja Kot-Niewiadomska, Jarosław Szlugaj


New methodology for designation of key, strategic and critical minerals for the Polish economy.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents a proposal for methodology of designation of the key, strategic and critical minerals, important for the mineral security of Poland. The authors proposed a comprehensive methodology for analysis of 148 individual minerals. When determining the key minerals, a criterion of average value of their annual consumption in Poland in the last decade (2009–2018) was adopted. This approach also regards to the general tendency of consumption of a given mineral and the net import reliance index. To determine strategic minerals, a two-stage analysis was performed, i.e. the identification of potentially strategic minerals that are indispensable for the sectors defined as crucial for the country’s economic security (based on an expert assessment), and – from among them – establishment of the list of strategic minerals on the basis of criteria of the average consumption value in recent years and the net imports reliance. For the identification of critical minerals, the methodology developed for the European Union with some significant modifications was adopted: all the minerals previously classified as key and/or strategic were granted the status of high economic importance in Poland, with disregarding of EU’s evaluation of the value of economic importance (EI) indicator. The second EU index – the supply risk index (SR) – for the determination of the critical minerals for Poland – was slightly reduced from 1.0 to 0.9. Based on the analysis conducted, three lists comprising 42 key, 24 strategic and 17 critical minerals indispensable for the Polish economy development were proposed. Identification of these minerals is of fundamental importance for further works on the Mineral Policy of Poland.

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