Wpływ wilgotności gruntów mineralnych na wartość efektywnej przewodności termicznej na podstawie wyników pomiarów laboratoryjnych

Aleksandra Łukawska, Mateusz Żeruń, Grzegorz Ryżyński


Influence of moisture content of mineral soils on the value of effective thermal conductivity based on the results of laboratory measurements.
A b s t r a c t. The article presents the results of laboratory tests of thermal conductivity of mineral soils. Measurements were performed on the basis of the previously developed methodology. Knowledge of values of the thermal conductivity coefficient of soil is essential for the design of installations that use thermal properties of subsoil for energetic purposes. The results of the measurements are stored in the rock and soil thermal properties database, in which additional physical parameters of soils are collected as well. Based on the information from the database, the authors presented the relationship between soil moisture (non-cohesive soils), the liquidity index (cohesive soils), and their thermal conductivity.

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