Wykorzystanie energii geotermalnej w Polsce w latach 2019–2021

Beata Kępińska


Geothermal energy applications in Poland in 2019–2021.
A b s t r a c t. The article presents an overview of the geothermal energy applications in Poland from 2019 to May 2021. It covers district heating, balneotherapy, recreation, as well as other single uses and heat pumps (shallow geothermal). In those years, many projects were implemented, especially drillings, aimed at recognition and accessing geothermal resources, primarily for space heating (in individual cases for cogeneration). The implemented investment projects, research and development works, and other activities and initiatives are indicated. The development of geothermal energy in Poland is compared with the progress in other European countries (based on most recent data for 2020, announced in June 2021). The share of geothermal energy in the group of renewable energy sources in Poland is presented. The role of public support programs, which have substantially stimulated the development of this field in recent years, is shown, and strategic documents, which should favour its wider use as a low-emission local energy source, are mentioned.

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