Badania mikrotermometryczne i ramanowskie inkluzji w minerałach w rejonie Rabego (Karpaty) – praktyka eksperymentalna

Katarzyna Jarmołowicz-Szulc, Tomasz Toboła


Microthermometric and Raman spectra studies in minerals in the Rabe vicinity (Carpathians) – an experimental practice.
A b s t r a c t. Fluid and solid inclusionswere analyzed inminerals of Carpathian rock samples from the Rabe vicinity by means of microthermometry and Raman spectrometry. Fluid inclusions are present in calcite and quartz that often co-occur with organic matter in different spatial relationships. In case of the studied Ra 5 sample they fill a cavern in the mélange zone in the Carpathian flysch. The temperatures obtained from the combined research (FI 178.9–186°C; Raman 178–205°C) give an insight into the geological history of that fragment of the Carpathians.

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