Surowce mineralne deficytowe dla polskiej gospodarki – propozycja nowego podejścia do surowców strategicznych i krytycznych

Sławomir Mazurek, Joanna Roszkowska-Remin, Krzysztof Szamałek, Marcin Tymiński, Agnieszka Malon


Scarce mineral commodities for the Polish economy – a new proposal for approach to strategic and critical mineral commodities.
A b s t r a c t. The authors analyze the national deficit of mineral commodities (classified as strategic and critical mineral commodities) against the volume of mineral deposits in Poland, from which these commodities are obtained. The assignment of types and subtypes of minerals that are the source of extraction to the corresponding strategic and critical mineral commodities is presented. A comparison was made between the annual extraction of minerals-sources of mineral commodities and their reserves in documented deposits and the volume of exports and imports of strategic and critical mineral commodities. It was found that Poland does not have a number of mineral deposits useful as sources of mineral commodities (strategic and critical) or documented mineral reserves are not sufficient to cover the needs of the national economy for these mineral commodities. Therefore, most of the critical and strategic mineral raw materials are scarce for Poland. A new approach to the classification of critical and strategic mineral commodities and the definition of the scarcity of mineral commodities in the country was proposed. The task of the geological survey is to conduct research to increase the base of mineral resources, especially those of fundamental importance for the economy. Such works are carried out at the Polish Geological Institute for the benefit of the project of State Raw Materials Policy (still under consideration) and should be continued in subsequent years.

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