Nowe znaleziska polskich tektytów z obszaru niecki żytawskiej

Karolina Paszcza


A new Polish tektite finds from the Zittau Basin area.
A b s t r a c t. To date, 36 moldavites have been found in 9 sites from south-western Poland. The newest ones, i.e. 2 tektites, presented herein come from the Turów Mine in the Zittau Basin. Both moldavite specimens were collected from the fluvial sandy gravels of the Gozdnica Formation, of late Miocene age. Taking into account the macroscopic features of the studied glass, it should be assumed that one of them had been reworked over a maximum distance of several kilometres, while the other one had overcome a further reworking, not exceeding 50 km though. The moldavites considered herein were most probably ejected from the Ries crater into the Zittau Basin within the Badenian sediments, later transported by the Lusatian Neisse river and finally redeposited within Pannonian sediments.

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