ARTYKUŁY I KOMUNIKATY NAUKOWE Zmienność cech fizycznych i chemicznych wód źródlanych w zlewni Zagórzańskiego Potoku (Pogórze Spisko-Gubałowskie)

Gabriela Czarny, Joanna Pociask-Karteczka, Zenon Nieckarz


Variability of physical and chemical properties of spring water in the Zagórzański Stream catchment (Spisko-Gubałowskie Foothills).
A b s t r a c t. The aim of the paper is to examine the variability of physical and chemical characteristics of two springs located in the Zagórzański Stream catchment (Spisko-Gubałowskie Foothills, Podhale region). Calcareous tufa occurs at one of the investigated springs. Field studies were conducted once a month from 25th March 2017 to 28th February 2018.Water of the studied springs represents the bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium type during almost the whole year. The chemical composition of both springs is characterized by seasonal variability. The highest concentrations of most ions occurred in the summer, when the rainfall was the lowest and during winter drought; while the lowest concentration – in the period of increased rainfall. The variability of physical and chemical parameters of the spring with tufa is smaller than the other one. The spring with calcareous tufa stands out by the higher concentration of Mg2+ and SO42- and the presence of radon. The unique landscape values of the surroundings and hydrogeochemical features of the spring with calcareous tufa favour this place as an interesting hydro-tourism attraction in the Bukowina Tatrzańska region.

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