Wstępna analiza kamiennych kręgów w Borach Tucholskich

Michał Ruszkowski


Preliminary analysis of the stone circles in Bory Tucholskie.
A b s t r a c t. According to the definition, stone circles are structures made of vertically arranged blocks and stone boulders forming circles. Such structures are found mainly in Central and Northern Europe. They are also found in Africa and the Middle East, and single circles have been recorded in remote regions of Siberia. The largest clusters of this type of structures are located in northern Poland and southern Scandinavia. This article describes the preliminary results of field works at the Odry and Leoeno sites. The result of the research work was the first discovery of the image of a human on the central stone in the circle number V in Odry. It is the first discovery of this type in northern Poland.

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