Piaskowce dolnego dewonu na górze Barczy (Góry Świętokrzyskie) i historia ich eksploatacji

P. Król, A. Fijałkowska- -Mader, B. Kozak, D. Giełżecka-Mądry


History of exploitation of the Lower Devonian sandstones at the Barcza Hill (Holy Cross Mountains).
A b s t r a c t. The beginning of exploitation of the Lower Devonian sandstones on Barcza Hill, located in the Klonów Range in the central part of the Holy Cross Mountains, dates back to the first decade of the last century. Sandstones of the lower Emsian Barcza Beds, known in older literature as “placoderm sandstones” were mined here. By the time of World War II, there were seven mines that produced mainly paving stones and crushed stone. Three of them resumed work after the war: “Kopalnia Nowa”, “Byk” and “Przy Pomniku”. Unfavourable deposit conditions and competition of the neighbouring mining plants “Bukowa Góra” and “Wiśniówka” led to the abandonment of mining on Barcza Hill in the late 1950s. In 1984, the “Barcza” nature reserve was created, which included the two largest quarries: “Kopalnia Nowa”and “Byk”.

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