HISTORIA GEOLOGII I WSPOMNIENIA Działalność geologiczna Polaków w zaborze pruskim w drugiej połowie XIX w. na przykładzie Brunona Józefa Szafarkiewicza (1821–1892)

Janusz Skoczylas


Geological activity of Poles in the Prussian partition in the second half of the 19th century as exemplified by the life of Brunon Józef Szafarkiewicz (1821–1892).
A b s t r a c t. By presenting Dr B.J. Szafarkiewicz, a well-known scientist of the second half of the 19th century, the present author set himself the goal of dealing with the view that Poles were not interested in natural sciences, and geological in particular, in the Grand Duchy of Poznań at that time. It was not allowed in the Prussian partition to found a university. Thus, there were no institutional and economic conditions for the development of geology. Only the establishment of the PTPN (Poznań Society of Friends of Learning) created a substitute for a scientific centre that also included mineralogical, palaeontological and geological sciences. However, except for R. May, no one had a geological background. Prominent representatives of other professions, such as B.J. Szafarkiewicz and F. Chłapowski, and earth science enthusiasts tried to bring the benefits of studying and practicing geology to the society of Greater Poland. While F. Chłapowski is known and appreciated today, the memory of the pioneering, geological activity of B.J. Szafarkiewicz is becoming increasingly blurred.

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