ARTYKUŁY I KOMUNIKATY NAUKOWE Rozwój wybrzeża mierzejowego we wschodniej części Zatoki Pomorskiej

Paweł Sydor


Development of the barrier coast in the eastern part of Pomeranian Bay.

A b s t r a c t. The studies were conducted on the barrier coast located in the eastern part of Pomeranian Bay. The main study goal was to present the development of the barrier coast between Niechorze and Kołobrzeg, with particular emphasis on the impact of sea level changes in the Baltic Sea. Based on collected data, three basic groups of deposits were identified in the study area: barrier basement deposits, barrier deposits, and Rega River outlet cone deposits. To recreate the barrier development stages, sea level changes in the eastern part of Pomeranian Bay for the last 8,500 years were reconstructed. At that time, the coast migrated to the south. The first barriers in the study area appeared around 7,500 years b2k. The main factors conditioning the barrier coast development in were climate changes, sea level changes, barrier basement morphology and lithology, as well as the amount of supplied sedimentary material. The reconstructed stages of barrier development show that there are sections of different barrier types (landward-migrating to accreted barrier, landward-migrating barrier through accreted barrier to landward-migrating barrier, landward-migrating barrier) in the study area.

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