Dziedzictwo geologiczne

Jan Urban, Piotr Migoń, Barbara Radwanek-Bąk


Geological heritage

A b s t r a c t. Geoheritage (geological heritage), that is tangible evidence of geological past and contemporary processes, is increasingly recognized as a valuable component of environment, worth conservation and popularization. It comprises elements of Earth's geodiversity, which are significant for scientific, educational, cultural, ecological or aesthetic reasons. Among them, the key role is played by geosites, at which elements of geoheritage are best exposed and have the most evident value. Various classifications of geosites by the main theme have been proposed and various methods of evaluation of geosites exist, involving among others, assessment of their scientific importance, cultural/historical value, threats and educational opportunities. Geoheritage in a given place or area may have global, national, regional or local significance. Globally significant geoheritage is protected at UNESCO World Heritage properties and in UNESCO Global Geoparks. In Poland, geoheritage is protected in national and landscape parks, more than 110 nature reserves, more than 1600 nature monuments and more than 120 sites of special scientific interest (documentary sites). This paper opens a section of "Przegl¹d Geologiczny", in which representative geosites of Poland will be successively presented.

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