Tektonika i charakterystyka strukturalno-złożowa obszaru przedsudeckiego (cz. II)

Julian Sokołowski




A complex analysis of geological and structural character of the Fore-Sudetic area has been made on the basis of the last results of geophysical and geological researches, drilling works, maps and cross sections. As a result of this the Pre-Cambrian crystalline basement has been distinguished similarly as the following structural stages of this area: Caledonian, Variscian, Laramide (Permian-Mesozoic) and Post-Laramide (Cainozoic). Moreover, the type of the Permo-Mesozoic structural stage has been discussed as to the North-Sudetic trough, pericline of Żary and Fore-Sudetic monocline. Oblique (W-E) course of the fades of the Permo-Mesozoic formations in relation to the Laramide directions of the Fore-Sudetic block has also been stressed as well as local structures connected with dislocation zones and structures modeled by the plastic deposits of Zechstein salts have been taken into consideration. In addition also conditions of oil and gas deposits occurring in the Zechstein main dolomite and of gas deposits found in the Rotliegendes have been discussed. It has also been shown that the bitumens in the Zechstein deposits are from main dolomite, and those in the Rotliegendes migrate from deeper beds, most probably from Carboniferous. Some preliminary remarks have been given, too, as to the origin of the deposits, and prospecting possibilities in the Rotliegendes in compaction structures above the buried Variscian ridges and in near-dislocation zones have been discussed.

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