Występowanie i geneza wód chlorkowych Soli

Lucyna Rajchel, Andrzej Zuber, Marek Duliński, Jacek Rajchel


Occurrences and genesis of chloride waters in Sól (S Poland).
S u m m a r y. In Sól near Żywiec, within the Magura nappe, Polish flysch Carpathians, occurrences of springs with highly saline waters have been known from historical records. Five deep drillings performed in 1947–55 recorded waters of the Na–Cl type with TDS up to 44 g/dm3. All these waters were enriched in I, Br, B and had elevated Na/Cl ratios. Isotope composition of spring waters and the hydrochemical indicators of all waters suggest a dominant presence of dehydration water released from clay minerals during the burial diagenesis of flysch sediments. However, the salinity is mostly attributed to the remnants of sedimentary waters enriched and modified by ultrafiltration, with some addition of ions (e.g. Na+) released during the illitization of smectites in diagenetic process.

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