Współczynnik konsolidacji ch i współczynnik filtracji kh iłów warwowych z Plecewic k. Sochaczewa w świetle badań dylatometrycznych

Piotr Zawrzykraj


Coefficient of consolidation ch and coefficient of permeability kh of varved clays from Plecewice near Sochaczew (Central Poland) in the light of dilatometer test.
S u m m a r y. The paper presents the results of the field testing obtained from DMT (Flat Dilatometer Test) soundings carried out in Plecewice near Sochaczew, where an open pit of varved clays is situated. The horizontal coefficient of consolidation ch and horizontal coefficient of permeability kh were determined at six depth levels with DMTAmethod. It is a new way of determination of the rate of consolidation and permeability in the field proposed by Marchetti and Totani in 1989. In this paper the geological situation, method and procedure of investigation were presented.

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