Możliwość zastosowania analizy fałdów niecylindrycznych w rekonstrukcji paleonaprężeń

Ryszard Szczęsny


Applicability of non-cylindrical fold analysis in reconstructing palaeostresses.
S u m m a r y: Reconstruction of the axes of first order folds was performed to establish the directions of s1 stress in the Polish part of the Outer Carpathians. Results of two independent reconstructions were compared. In the first one, only cylindrical parts of folds were analyzed, whereas in the second interpretation, the database was supplemented by selected noncylindrical parts of folds. In regional pattern of s1 stress axes, determined using each method, no significant differences are visible. It seems that the orientation of fold axes reconstructed from noncylindrical parts of folds, under certain conditions, could be used as additional data in such reconstructions.

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