RECENZOWANE ARTYKUŁY NAUKOWE Czy struktury koliste w Sudetach mogą mieć genezę uderzeniową?

Bogusław Przybylski, Janusz Badura


May the ring structures in Sudetes have an impact origin?
S u m m a r y. Detailed digital elevation model has been applied to recognition of much distinct ring structures in Sudetes and Fore-Sudetic Block. Colored hypsometric shaded relief maps and geological shaded relief maps were the base of analyses. The maps reveal 16 very distinct structures. Most of them have been not recognised during so far analyses of satellite images. The diameter of ring structures vary from a few km to 30 km. Some of these forms have also a very distinct reflection in geological structures. Their origin is unknown as yet. There is not straight impact evidences for any of these structures, but for each one of them such interpretation couldn’t be excluded. In opinion of authors everyone of these structures should be examined for confirmation of existence or lack of shock metamorphism phenomena.

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