Wybrane problemy tektoniki i mineralizacji skał dewonu w zachodniej części antykliny chęcińskiej: Góra Miedzianka, Góry Świętokrzyskie

Urszula Dębowska


Some aspects of tectonics and mineralization in the Devonian rocks in the western part of the Chęciny Anticline: Miedzianka Mt., NW part of the Holy Cross Mts., central Poland.
S u m m a r y. The problems of relationships between the tectonics and the copper and calcite mineralization in the western part of the Chęciny Antycline (Miedzianka Mt.) are discussed. Variscan fold deformation and Alpine fault tectonic cycles characterize Miedzianka Mt. side. The Chêciny Anticline became an inclined fold due to Variscan deformations. Very complicated joints relationship is a result of many stages of their tectonic evolution. Slickesides and joints analysis revealed three groups of faults ( Variscan, early Alpine and late Alpine). Calcite, azurite and malachite mineralizations formed due to the early stage of post-Variscan mineralization (so-called “Ró¿anka” type). Faults formed during the Alpine cycles mainly along calcite zones.

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