Migracja podstawowych zanieczyszczeń z lagun osadowych ścieków komunalnych

Agnieszka Gontaszewska, Andrzej Kraiński


Migration of principal pollutants from settling tanks with municipal sewage.
S u m m a r y. The influence of municipal waste water from a 70-year old settling tank on groundwater’s quality has been studied. Authors have observed contamination of groundwaters in the nearest vicinity of the tank — a significant increase of Cl, SO4, N–NH4, N–NO2, N–NO3 and K content. The extent of contamination within the whole monitored area has been analyzed. Composition of groundwater in years 1985–2002 has been shown on diagrams. A correlation between the groundwater contamination and type of area (forest, farmland, village) is reported. Local pollution sources independent of the tank have been detected.

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