RECENZOWANE ARTYKUŁY NAUKOWE Wprowadzenie do metodyki interpretacji badań georadarowych przy użyciu procedury modelowania numerycznego

Tomisław Gołębiowski


Introduction to GPR surveys interpretation with procedure of numerical modelling.
S u m m a r y. The paper presents results of numerical modelling of the electromagnetic wave field in the ground based on the Finite Difference Time Domain Method (FDTD). Theoretical background of the electromagnetic wave field in the ground is presented. Techniques of building of the discrete model and the numerical simulation are described. Computer program REFLEX-W, used for modelling, is also briefly characterized. A sample measurement echogram for shallow georadar (GPR, ground penetrating radar) surveys is presented together with the synthetic one. Usefulness of the FDTD procedure in the interpretation of echograms is analysed and evaluated. The main goal of the paper is to introduce a reader into the procedure of numerical modelling, a modern method of the GPR surveys interpretation.

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