Fauna interglacjału ferdynandowskiego z Podgórza koło Wyśmierzyc nad Pilicą

Sylwester Skompski


Fauna of the Ferdynandów Interglacial at Podgórze B1 near Wyśmierzyce on Pilica River, central Poland.
S u m m a r y. The profile of the borehole Podgórze B1, which at first was reconed among the Mazovian Interglacial was revealed by palynological analyses to represent the Ferdynandów Interglacial. Additional paleozoological studies confirmed presence of diverse faunal remains: Ostracoda, Pisces, Mollusca and Coleoptera, which allow to better recognize the character of environment of the interglacial sediments in Podgórze.

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