Struktura Podlesie — czy w Polsce znajduje się wielki krater uderzeniowy?

Wiesław Czajka


Podlesie Cuphole. Is there a large impact crater in Poland?
Summary. The Podlesie geological structure (Podlesie Cuphole) is the geological creation of the Roztocze that genesis not explained. The article shows results of geodetic, geomorphologic, and geological analysis of data come to author. Result of the analysis put forward the hypothesis that the Podlesie Cuphole is an impact crater. In the article there are the details about location and geodetical parameters of the structure. In a part of geomorphical analysis indicated the individual feature of the Podlesie Cuphole on general view of relief of the Roztocze. The individual feature come in exeptional regularity and non-proportional shortage of rock mass to neighbouring valleys. Observations supported with calculation of cubage of rock mass. Result of calculation suggests that rock mass removed a non-gravimetric way. There are expressed also author’s opinion of other theories to explained the ways of creation of the structure. In a part of geologial analysis showed the interpretation of the geological incidents to support puting hypothesis. There are discribed structural discontinuances to explained connections beetwen incidents and geological processes. In the following paragraphs there are discussed reason for absence of evidence to confirm putting hypothesis. The article shows directions of research of evidence. In summary there are collected parameters of the hipothetical meteorite.

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