Nowa metoda modelowania morfogenezy otwornic

Jarosław Tyszka, Paweł Topa, Paweł Łabaj, Witold Alda


Theoretical morphology of foraminiferal shells: proposal of a new modeling method.
Summary. An overview of modeling methods of invertebrate shells as a background for modeling and visualization of mineral shells of foraminifera is presented. The recent authors propose more realistic methods of modeling. Our model introduces the moving reference approach to theoretical modeling of foraminiferal shells. This approach uses apertures as reference points, which move together with step-by-step growing chambers. Another important aspect of simulation is a random selection of parameters from the defined ranges of values. The resulted ``theoretical shells’’ closely mimic morphology and variability of recent and fossil foraminifera. The model is presented as an applet at . Future prospect includes an “emergent model”, gaining deeper insight into real morphogenetic processes

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