Zastosowanie metod znacznikowych na tle rozpoznania regionalnych warunków hydrogeologicznych zbiornika Zakopane

Jerzy J. Małecki


The use of tracer methods in examining regional hydrogeological conditions of the Zakopane groundwater basin.
S u m m a r y. Among the groundwater basins identified within the Carpathian Massif, the Zakopane groundwater basin exhibits the greatest individuality. The basin has been chosen to test the problems referred to in the paper’s title. Recognition of hydrogeological conditions by using artificial tracers was the basis for characterization of groundwater categorized as subdivided into exsurgent springs, springs draining the carbonate Eocene and Sub-Flysch aquifers of the Podhale artesian basin. The subdivision finds its confirmation in both variable concentration of tritium and values of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes ratio expressed in ‰ as  δ18O and δ2H.

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