ODKRYCIA Archeocjaty wapieni wojcieszowskich

Dawid Białek, Paweł Raczyński, Przemysław Sztajner, Dominik Zawadzki


Archaeocyatha from the Wojcieszów Limestone.
S u m m a r y. This is an introductory presentation of Archaeocyaths found near Mys³ów in the Kaczawskie Mountains. Estimating the exact age of the Archaeocyaths-containing Wojcieszów Limestone, has been a matter of dispute. Previously regarded as Cambrian, they were recognised as Silurian in 2000 (Skowronek & Steffahn). After more than 120 years of controversies this finding finally proves Early Cambrian age of this unit. Introductory taxonomic studies have shown similarity between Mysłów Archaeocyaths — represented, among others, by genera Dokidocyathella, Erismacoscinus, Afiacyathus, Leptosocyathus and Protopharetra — and those from the Doberlug syncline (Germany). This dating is of great importance for establishing the lithostratigraphic column of the Kaczawa Mountains and Cambrian palaeogeographic reconstructions.

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