Plan strukturalny formacji osadowych Górnego Śląska i zachodniej Małopolski w świetle danych teledetekcyjnych

Zbigniew Buła, Ryszard Habryn, Anna Piątkowska, Stanisław Doktór, Marek Graniczny, Zbigniew Kowalski


Structural pattern of sedimentary formations from the Upper Silesia and the western Małopolska in the light of remote sensing data.
S u m m a r y. The utility of remote sensing data for unraveling the structural pattern of the Palaeozoic and Meso-Cenozoic formations in Upper Silesia and western Małopolska was evaluated. A comprehensive analysis of lineaments interpreted on satellite images, morphological lineaments and linear geophysical anomalies indicates significant mutual relationships with the structural elements shown in geological maps. The spatial distribution of debated lineaments demonstrates two distinctive maxima representing NW-SE and ENE-WSW-oriented structures. The former population of lineaments corresponds to the main structural trend in the study area. The latter system has less evident geological representation although it roughly parallels the strike of the Carpathian thrust front.

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