Projekt GEOMIND— geofizyczny internetowy system informacyjny

Jacek Gutowski, Mirosław Słowakiewicz


GEOMIND Project — Geophysical Multilingual Internet-Driven Information Service.
S u m m a r y . Various geophysical databases exist in European countries, both in public and private organizations. They are dispersed and have various standards and languages applied. Thus, their usefulness and availability are limited, although geophysical information may be very effectively applied, processed and interpreted for a wide variety of purposes: exploration for mineral resources and groundwater, studying environmental features for spatial planning, construction works or detection of potential geohazards, research studies etc. The competitiveness of geodata handlers and organizations specialized in geodata processing will be enhanced if these databases are integrated and accessed via the Internet, offering cross-border, European-wide, unified electronic bservices, making geophysical data much more available. Therefore an Internet-driven multilingual information system, integrating geophysical data coming from national data holdings, is being proposed to be designed, developed and set up, developing also metadata and data representation standards, thus supporting further integration and dissemination of European or global geoinformation holdings. The system will be addressed to local and central authorities, prospecting companies, research and education institutions and citizens. It will enable the project partners to adapt to the pressures for continuous innovation and technological challenge, due to enlargement and completion of European market and intensification of competition in the field of services based on geological, geophysical and environmental data. The system will demonstrate research capabilities of the partners and will increase public awareness of the usefulness of geophysical research methods for various needs of the society.

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