Wykorzystanie satelitarnej interferometrii radarowej do badań osuwisk w polskiej części Karpat

Tomasz Wojciechowski, Zbigniew Perski, Antoni Wójcik


Use of SAR interferometry for the study of landslides in Polish Carpathians.
A b s t r a c t.The paper presents preliminary results of possible application of SAR interferometry in the studies of landslides. Two areas have been selected: Wieliczka and Nowy Sącz. The application of InSAR (SAR Interferometry) in the Carpathians is difficult due to rough topography, vegetation and long season with the snow cover. Such problems may be overridden by applying PSInSAR (Persistent Scatterers SAR Interferometry) which utilizes long time series of the SAR data. PSInSAR was used for both areas. Obtained sets of PS points show evidence of the landslide movement. The most reliable points were then used in quantitative cartographic study to qualify activity of slopes. Analysis of landslide dynamics was performed for the area of Wieliczka where, for instance, a landslide velocity movement in Lednica Górna reaches 74.8 mm/yr. The preliminary results are very promising for the development of PSInSAR methodology in the study of landslides in Poland.

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