Zagrożenia budowli zabytkowych związane z rozwojem czynnych procesów geodynamicznych na przykładzie kościoła Św. Andrzeja w Brwilnie Górnym

Andrzej Drągowski, Krzysztof Cabalski, Michał Radzikowski


Hazards to historical buildings due to active geodynamic processes: a case study of St. Andrew church in Brwilno Górne.
S u m m a r y. A case study of 18th-century Saint Andrew church in Brwilno Górne near P³ock is presented to illustrate the problems of protecting historical monuments located in areas subject to especially active geodynamic transformations. The church has been built on upland near Vistula River valley escarpment. The wooden church could not be relocated because it is listed in the register of historic monuments together with its surroundings. Thus, extensive geological studies were performed and the recommended precautions against disaster were formulated. Two variants of securing the church were proposed: provisional and final.

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