Model przepływu wód podziemnych i transportu zanieczyszczeń dla składowiska z bentonitową przesłoną pionową

Edward Wiencław, Eugeniusz Koda


Flow and transport modelling in a landfill with a vertical bentonite barrier.
S u m m a r y. The numerical modelling of groundwater flow and pollutant transport was performed for the old sanitary landfill surrounded by a vertical bentonite barrier. The re-circulation system of leachate applied on the landfill was also included in transport modelling. The simulation, using FEMWATER software, aimed at assessment of the vertical bentonite barrier influence on shaping of groundwater level in subsoil on surroundings, as well as estimating the infiltration time of leachate in the waste body during re-circulation. The results of groundwater monitoring were used for verification and calibration of the numerical model.

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