Zależność między wilgotnością a ciśnieniem ssania w profilu mio-plioceńskich iłów na Stegnach

Emilia Wójcik


The relationship between water content and suction pressure in Mio-Pliocene silts in Stegny profile (Poland).
S u m m a r y. The soil-water characteristic curve for a soil is defined as the relationship between water content and suction for the soil. It can be used to estimate various parameters which describe unsaturated soil behaviour. The paper presents the results of investigation of cohesive soils from the Warsaw area. As a result of the comprehensive studies the fundamental relationship between the soil suction and water content for mio pliocene clay from Stegny was established. Using Fredlund and Xing (1994) equation the best-fit curves for experimental data are presented.

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