Uwarunkowania stosowalności iłów jako izolacyjnych barier geologicznych na przykładzie iłów ze złoża w Budach Mszczonowskich

Andrzej Drągowski, Beata Łuczak-Wilamowska


Conditions of applicability of clays as geological sealing barriers: Example of the clays from Budy Mszczonowskie (central Poland).
S u m m a r y. Storage is one of the most widely applied methods of neutralisation of wastes, prevailing over thermal, chemical and biological treatment.Waste disposal site must be harmless for the natural environment and for the human’s life and health. Its sealing must be reliable. However, the recently used synthetic liners are not sufficient. Experiments showed that the proper protection of the natural environment against the interaction with wastes may be achieved by using naturally occurring grounds, or by composing artificial mineral sealing barriers. The deposits to be used a as a barrier must have specific characteristics required by the binding regulations. On the example of the clays from the pit in Budy Mszczonowskie, the paper presents the range of investigations needed to evaluate applicability of the Neogene expansive soils as the sealing barriers.

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