Rozpoznanie warunków geologiczno-inżynierskich w otoczeniu Jeziorka Czerniakowskiego — istotny etap w opracowywaniu miejscowych planów zagospodarowania przestrzennego

Michał Fic, Wojciech Katryński


The survey of geological and engineering conditions in the vicinity of Lake Czerniakowskie (Warsaw)—an important stage in local spatial planning.
S u m m a r y. This paper is aimed at analysing geological and engineering conditions in the surrounding of Lake Czerniakowskie. Analysed area comprises lands which are the subject of two presently accomplished local plans of spatial management - Lake Czerniakowskie and Southern Czerniaków. The assessment of local conditions was performed after a complex geological and geo-technical studies and analysis of archival materials. The assessment is a base for elaborating local plans of spatial management. Available grounds of the properties favourable for building have been distinguished. The need for protecting water resources of Lake Czerniakowskie restricts a possibility of laying foundations beneath the ground water table.

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