Ocena cech strukturalnych piaskowców krośnieńskich z Mucharza (Beskid Mały) na podstawie pomiarów prędkości ultradźwiękowej fali podłużnej

Artur Dziedzic


Estimate of structural features of Krosno Sandstones of Mucharz (Beskid Mały Mountains) using ultrasonic longitudinal wave propagation speed.
S u m m a r y.Ultrasonic longitudinal wave propagation speed (Vp) tests were carried out on samples of Krosno Sandstones from Górka-Mucharz quarry (Beskid Mały Mountains). The tests putted focused estimating influence of characteristic structural features of the rock on obtained values of Vp, using on variability of obtained results depending on orientation of mineral elements. Results of this investigations show directional variability of longitudinal wave speed in the investigated sandstones, which depends on features of internal structure. The applied frequency of ultrasonic signals (1MHz) yields significany selective of measurements; allowing to detect even small structural changes.

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