Planowanie inwestycji drogowych w aspekcie zagrożenia dla wód podziemnych na przykładzie fragmentu autostrady A2

Józef Mikołajków


The spatial planning of road investments with respect of groundwater risk: a case study of a section of the A2 highway.
S u m m a r y. The groundwater protection against the negative influence of main roads and highways requires taking proper precautions. The degree of protection depends on the hazard on every section of the road. For example, the section of A2 highway present a five degree scale of endangerment. The scale takes into account parameters like: thickness of the low-permeable cover that isolates the useful aquifer, aquifer percolation parameters and other hydrodynamic parameters. The scale also includes the existing / planned spatial management with special focus on the way of groundwater usage, existing / planned wells, aquifers extent, water supply system range and areas rich in groundwater.

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