O potrzebie badań geologiczno-inżynierskich wałów przeciwpowodziowych na obszarze wschodniej części Niżu Środkowoeuropejskiego

Urszula Kołodziejczyk


About a necessity of geological-engineering investigations on flood banks of the east Mid-European Lowland.
S u m m a r y. Throughout history, many times did floods in the river valleys of the East Mid-European Lowland occur. They brought about material losses and frequently hazards to human health and life as well. For centuries now, human communities have been building up flood banks in order to protect themselves against the negative impact of floods. However, the old flood banks were never investigated. First time in Poland they were surveyed after the flood in 1997. The results of investigations into the flood banks along the Odra/Oder River, which were conducted during and after the great flood of the year 1997, point out to the necessity of their renovation. The outcome of the research work carried out in Poland may be useful for the renovation and reconstruction of old flood banks and for the construction of new ones in the whole area of the East Mid-European Lowland.

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