Budowa geologiczna i glacitektonika klifu orłowskiego w Gdyni

Dorota Kaulbarsz


Geology and glaciotectonics of the Or³owo Cliff in Gdynia, northern Poland.
S u m m a r y. The Orłowo Cliff is built of glacial and fluvioglacial deposits, Middle Polish Glaciations (possibly Odranian and Warthanian) and Vistulian Glaciation. Deposits are heavily deformed glaciotectonically. In the northern part of the cliff, Miocene sediments are exposed. It is possible, that the Miocene sediments were dislocated from their primary position. There were observed overthrusts and intermingling with Pleistocene material in the lower part of the exposure. The Or³owo Headland is built of glacial tills. It is probably a part of fold, similar in pattern to the structure of overthrust folds present in silty-sandy-grained deposits in the southern part of the cliff. Apart from folds and overthrusts there are many faults and the boudinage. Structural analysis of glaciotectonic deformations in conjunction with origin of deposits and statigraphic research enabled the recognition of several stages of development of deformations. Two local directions of glaciotectonic transport were marked clearly: from the north-east, which was connected with glacier invasion in the Świecie Stadial of the Vistulian Glaciation, and direction from north-west (north north-west), related to the Main Stadial of the Vistulian Glaciation.

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