Uwagi o zawartości pierwiastków ziem rzadkich w wapieniach i dolomitach z okolic Krakowa

Aleksandra Vierek


Rare-earth elements of limestone and dolomites in the Kraków area (southern Poland).
Summary. Rare-earth elements (REE) were determined for the Upper Jurassic limestone and dolomites from the following outcrops: Góra Św. Anny, Kostrze Quarry, Księża Góra, and Skały Twardowskiego. REE patterns are similar for all the investigated samples. Dolomites and limestone are enriched in light REE, they exhibit positive La anomalies, and negative Ce and Eu anomalies. Negative Ce and Eu anomalies are typical for oxidizing environments during dolomitization processes. Distinct enrichment in light REE comparing to heavy REE indicates that the sea water was not the only component of dolomitization fluids.

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