Karłowate wulkany formacji Andahua w południowym Peru

Andrzej Gałaś, Andrzej Paulo


Dwarf volcanoes of Andahua Formation in South Peru.
S u m m a r y . In July 2003 and 2004 small groups of geologists of AGH — The University of Science and Technology in Kraków investigated recent Andahua volcanic formation of Southern Peru. It was identified first some 45 years ago but its extension is not definitely determined yet. Field work resulted in discovery of about 100 individual emission centres: apparent pyroclastic cones 50–300 metres high, and usually smaller lava domes and vents by controlled fractures. Morphology of the Andahua lava flows coalescing into composite lava fields as well as criteria for their stratigraphy and tectonic controls are given.

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