Promieniotwórczość naturalna wybranych skał krystalicznych bloku izerskiego

Dariusz Malczewski, Aleksandra Sitarek, Jerzy Żaba, Jerzy Dorda


Natural radioactivity of selected crystalline rocks of the Izera Block (Sudetes, SW Poland).
S u m m a r y. Results of natural radioactivity of 40K, 208Tl, 212Pb, 212Bi, 214Pb, 214Bi, 228Ac and the fallout of 137Cs measured in situ in typical crystalline (both igneous and metamorphic) rocks of the Izera Block (Sudetes Mountains, southwestern Poland) using a portable gamma-ray spectrometry workstation are presented. The highest activity concentrations of 40K and 226Ra (238U series) were noted in laminated gneisses whereas the highest activity concentration of 228Ac (232Th series) is characteristic for Sn-bearing mica schists. The lowest activity concentrations of 40K, 228Ac and 226Ra refer to the basalts, flaser gneisses and Izera granites, respectively. The measurements carried out in the study area have shown relatively low level of 137Cs fallout.

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