Badanie związku eksploatacji i likwidacji wałbrzyskich kopalń węgla kamiennego z mineralizacją wód leczniczych Szczawna Zdroju

Władysław Czabaj, Jerzy Klich


The investigation on relations between exploatation and liquidation of Wałbrzych coal mines and the mineralization of curative waters of Szczawno Zdrój.
S u m m a r y. In theWałbrzych area there existed coal deposits and nearby springs with natural mineral waters of oxalate type. Many years of underground coal mining resulted in the disappearance or demineralization of most springs. Only the springs of Szczawno Zdroj curative waters remained. Regression analysis demonstrated a statistically significant decrease in their mineralization in the 1963–1993 period. It was assumed that the reason was an intense exploitation of coal in the “Thorez” mine. The use of Fourier harmonic analysis for time series from 1982 to 1998 has shown a strong correlation between the amount of CO2 vented from the “Thorez” mine and the content of typical ions and free CO2 in curative waters of Szczawno Zdrój. The liquidation of mines, and especially, the end of ventilation in August 1998, should increase the migration of endogenous CO2 to the region of curative waters formation. A reversal of the trend towards their demineralization is expected, as confirmed by the increasing trend of the content of typical ions in Szczawno Zdroj curative waters between 1990 and 1999.

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