Zależność między kierunkami korytarzy jaskiń pseudokrasowych a spękaniami ciosowymi w NE części Beskidu Sląskiego (Karpaty zewnętrzne)

Maciej Tomaszczyk


Correlation between orientation of pseudokarst caves and joints in NE part of the Silesian Beskid Mts. (Outer Carpathians).
S u m m a r y. Numerous pseudokarst caves occur along the ridges and mountain slopes of the Silesian Beskid. These caves form in thick-bedded sandstones with dips no more than 35o, as a result of the opening of crevices present in the rock massif; this process is related to gravitational mass movements. Comparison between the directions of joints and the directions of passages of fifteen selected caves shows that caves occuring in flysch rocks may form along all joint sets. The joint network of the researched area is composed of a two fold-oblique sets—SP and SL; cross-fold set — T; and three fold-parallel sets — L, L’ and L”.

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