Emisja radonu w obszarze zakładów górniczo-hutniczych „Bolesław” S.A.

Małgorzata Wysocka, Anita Zych, Jan Skowronek, Grażyna Pajor


Radon emission in the area of Mining and Metallurgical Works “Bolesław”.
Summary. Exploitation of the mineral resources and accumulation of the postexploitation wastes may in some cases increase the radiological hard for the inhabitants of the mining regions, as well as for the environment. Radon emission levels in the area of lead and zinc ores exploitation have been measured. Additional measurements were performed in the areas not affected by human activity, at the outcrops of Triassic rocks. The radon emissions do not exceed average values measured in undisturbed areas. Moreover, results obtained at the sites where waste storage sites are lower than those from ”normal“ areas.

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